What If You Could Reach Complete Freedom From Smoking?

What Would Your Life Look Like Without Cigarettes? 

What If There Was A Secret To Quit Smoking Easily?

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The Secret Is Inside...

Your Very Own Mind!

Now you can stop smoking by eliminating your desire with this new online workshop.

Finally, you will...

​Discover the reasons behind your smoking addiction, release the limiting beliefs holding you back from being smoke-free and gain control of your life again.


Traditional therapies take a long time and it's a slow process to help you quit. But now, there is a safe and easy way to connect with your inner mind and experience the power of it's hidden intelligence and ability for effortless and permanent change.

Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free in 3 Simple Sessions!

Be guided through this uniquely powerful process that uses your inner mind to transform your life with an effective proven method.

  • 1. Learn how the mind works so you can hack it and program it for your benefit.

  • 2. Be guided into a relaxing meditation, where accessing your subconscious mind is as easy as walking into a file cabinet room and remove unwanted files!

  • 3.Listen to subliminal AFFRIMATIONS & BINURAL BEATS to cement the new change into your mind even while you sleep! ​

If YOU Are Feeling...

stuck, stagnant, lonely, angry, stressed, fearful, sad, or just want to be free from bad and unhealthy habits. . . Then this program is for you. ​ ​

Journey Beyond Your Everyday Awareness

Directly Access Your Power Center for Effortless Change To Enjoy The Smoke-Free Life You Were Meant To Live!

  • Understand the underlying cause of your desire to smoke.

  • Discover the inner workings of the mind how it repeats and repeats what you have programed into it. Time to change the program.

  • Find out which limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck in a life you don't want and why it won't let you free.

  • Weed out unwanted and unnecessary presumptions holding you back from success.

  • Let the Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free guided meditation create new behaviors which improve your life.

  • Sleep well knowing you are listening to music which increases the belief that it is easy to be Smoke-Free.

  • Transcend the physical conscious mind and enter into your subconsciousness, gain access to freedom from smoking forever.

If Cigarettes Are Controlling You...

Liberty, Emancipation, Independence, and Deliverance Is Here!

Don't miss this new opportunity to be a part of this life- transforming online hypnotic journey to expand the powers of your mind and cut the cords to your smoking addiction once and for all. Each session addresses a specific underlying cause (that you may not even known is there) creating your cravings. Specials bonuses help free and train your mind to overcome stress and negative thinking patterns to enjoy the fullness of life! Money-back guarantee!

"The Easy-to-Be-Free Smoking Cessation Program can break the addiction after one session!

"I signed up for the Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free Program after smoking for 50+ years. One of a half dozen that I have tried before and failed. But this one was different, really different. In 60 minutes, I stopped smoking!" -Donald L

Congratulations on your desire to quit smoking!

I can help you find and release those negative and annoying thoughts urging you to light up, even when you don't want to.

Hi! I'm Susan Lawrence, CCHt

I believe that the essence to changing any behavior is to transform unhealthy beliefs into positive ones. I designed this program to release the underlying cause of your smoking habit because once the underlying reason is removed then unhealthy habits dissolve away easily. You see, your conscious mind or your control center are simply repeating the programs or in this case your limiting beliefs which are filed in your subconscious mind. By adjusting these beliefs, you realign the behaviors to accommodate your new life choices. You may be wondering if you can really quit smoking, once and for all? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” By accessing the powers you already have in your subconscious mind, you can easily change the path of your life! This is the solution to making that change and to living your life to the fullest!

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Life Coach

Susan Lawrence

Susan Lawrence is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in changing unwanted and unhealthy behaviors. For the past ten years she has helped thousands of people release the core issue of their problems to find joy and happiness. Susan is the author of the #1 Best Seller - Divine State of Mind:The Gateway to Finding Answers From Within - where she describes her clients' remarkable results with her unique Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques. She taught at the International Transformational TV and Summit, The Duncan Center, and appeared on many radio shows.



  • 6-Hours of Easy Listening Affirmations

    Harness the power of brainwave entrainment as you effortlessly listen to a 6-hour recording of soft music filled with embedded suggestions to reinforce new beliefs and behaviors... all while you are sleeping!

  • NEST - The Nighttime Easy Surrender Technique

    When life throws us a curve ball, we tend to ruminate on the issue and sometimes we even suppress our emotions. Unfortunately, these suppressed emotions accumulate over time but now there is an easy way to release these suppressed emotions while curled up in your nest!

  • Transformational Mind Technique

    This phenomenal technique uses the power of your SuperConscious mind to access Universal Knowledge and free yourself from any limitations in order to make healthy changes in your life. This process is so powerful that it can change unwanted behaviors instantly and permanently!

PLUS, If you ACT NOW, You Will Also Receive . . .

Over 6 Hours of Subliminal Affirmations and The Love Technique!

  • Transmuting Technique

    An easy way to train your mind to be positive. Doing this Transmuting Technique daily increases your awareness of the impact your thoughts have on your life and your happiness! You won't want to miss this!

  • The Love Technique

    An enjoyable and beneficial technique to use for connecting to the love you have for others. It will not only bring you closer, but you will come to recognize all of your good qualities, and you get in touch with who you are, and begin to understand how fully lovable you really are!



  • The Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free program Quick Start Guide complete with Introductory Video (22 mins) of Susan explaining how hypnosis works, why it works and what it feels like. It's a great place to start!

  • The inner change begins in Session 1 after a guided meditiation leads you to uncover and honor the four emotions that do not belong in your mind. (60 mins)

  • In session 2, you will uncover what and who controls your thoughts and beliefs. You will be able to release any negativity surrounding your feelings and release them. (60 mins.)

  • Cut cords to your relationship to cigarettes using this special technique in Session 3 to free yourself from the attachments to your desires and need to smoke. (40 mins)

  • Listen to 6 hours of soft music while you sleep to reinforce the message that you are a non-smoker.

  • Enjoy 5 New Techniques which will improve your daily life by simply releasing negative thoughts and feelings and turning them into positive change!

Isn't It Time

To Free Yourself?

Deep down you may have been hoping for an easy way, a successful way, a permanent way to stop smoking. This is it.
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Get started now and save. Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free will never be this easy or inexpensive again.

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